In the last quarter of 2019, we present Yun Teng SEET (SG), Jenny KIM (KR), as well as, Rachael CHEONG & Sheryll GOH of AWKWARD PARTY (SG).


In October, we see Yun Teng weave found objects gathered around and donated by the community from our Stage 3 Gentrifying Neighbourhood, as she attempts to negotiate and present the narratives and diverse economies surrounding our space through the eyes of a non-resident. 


In November, Jenny re-presents the childhood fairytale as an adult female, picking apart themes of intimacy and identity formation through the motif of hair, dissecting how the fairytale, as one of the first social and cultural influences in a child’s life, later manifests in one’s adult consciousness. 

We then close our programme this year with an AWKWARD PARTY by Rachael and Sheryll. The duo will be creating an atmospheric installation responding to time and space indefinitely hurtling forward by loudly shutting it down with a party reminiscent of the uncomfortable family gatherings from our childhoods. The team will utilize bespoke furniture coverings, food display and old-school jams to nudge us through an oddly familiar domestic setting, to think about how the built environment can assist in cultivating home and place, as well as, how memorable childhood experiences in the public realm can be transformational in community building.