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imaginary landscapes

Runs from 1st november to 17th november

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About jenny kim

Born in Hong Kong, Jenny Kim lives and works in Seoul. Her work has been included in a number of exhibitions including Through the Looking Glass, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York, USA (2018); Group Show, 6BASE, Bronx, USA (2017); Close, But Not Touching, Biggercode Gallery, New York, USA (2017); Ah! Sun-flower (three antecedents): Jack Smith, Francis Picabia; “The Bar at the End of the Night” (II), David Lewis, New York, USA (2015); and Flat File Exhibition, GRIN Gallery, Rhode Island, USA (2014).

ABOUT imaginary landscapes

In November, Jenny re-presents the childhood fairytale as an adult female, picking apart themes of intimacy and identity formation through the motif of hair, dissecting how the fairytale, as one of the first social and cultural influences in a child’s life, later manifests in one’s adult consciousness. 


Rapunzel’s counterpart was not the prince but Frau Gothel. 


There are many approaches to interpreting the name Gothel: most commonly it is believed to mean ‘godmother’--likely derived from “gott helt (held before god)” from medieval Southern German; some say it alludes to Gaia, Mother Nature, in Greek mythology; and, according to American writer William Irwin Thompson, it means “bright god (goth-el)” in ancient Greek. As such, Frau Gothel was not meant to be rendered a villainous witch but a nurturing sorceress. 

The rampion (rapunzel) in her mystical garden is what initiates the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale. The plant brings a child into Frau Gothel’s life, who mothers, treasures, and obsesses over it. The garden, often considered a spot of earthly paradise created by god as a safe enclosure, is the origin of life and the sorceress’ sanctuary. Imaginary Landscapes reimagines the garden where a strand of hair acts as a guidance/path-finder for viewers. “The garden” will place the audience inside the fairy tale and at the same time symbolically womb their presence.


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