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Applications are closed.


Thank you to everyone for their applications!



We are limited by the physical confines of bodies and boundaries, our ways to create and digest culture and knowledge is changing with the rapid acceleration of digital migration and the new realities of social distancing.


Radical Transparency emerged out of our collective pursuit for a flatter structure and more equal ways to distribute knowledge and information. This increasing demand to change the way institutions operate, to adopt a more transparent system that champions accessibility, clarity and accountability; are what is needed for communities to communicate, co-exist and co-create.


How do we mitigate such distance created in the process? When technology is brought in to mediate social distance, what do we stand to gain or lose?


This Open Call invites you to participate in the process of Radical Transparency, to forge open discussion and communication.


JBS is a platform that aims to foster tangible connections between systems. Let's start by talking about how the proposed project or research contributes to your practice. We look forward to "thoughtful disagreements" with you.


  • This residency is designed to assist the artists and researchers to push the boundaries of their existing practice.

  • Artists and researchers from all backgrounds who regularly create work are encouraged to apply; whether their research is interdisciplinary, community-based, or art practice based.


  • An online presentation or sharing of work in a format which suits the artist's practice. The audience will be facilitated by Jalan Besar Salon and the approach will be discussed with the artist. The Salon believes that this interaction with an audience is fundamental in the research stages of creating work.

  • Physical presentations can be arranged at a later date.

  • Permission for Jalan Besar Salon to film agreed parts of the residency.

  • Inclusion of Jalan Besar Salon logos and/or Jalan Besar Salon word credit on publicity (print and digital) for any future work which is developed from research undertaken during this residency.


  • Residencies for Radical Transparency will take place from 20th April to 20th May.

  • The deadline for application is Wednesday 15th April 2020 (23:59).

  • Candidates should expect a first contact by the 17th April 2020 and ultimately, the chosen applications will be announced by 19th April 2020.


  • Jalan Besar Salon will offer a subsidy of SGD500 for each residency which will be remunerated at the end of the residency.

Residencies for Radical Transparency will take place from 20th April to 20th May. The outcome of this residency is not limited to any medium or format, but an online presentation at the end of the residency is highly encouraged. 


Selected participants of this open call will be contacted by 19th April


Sign up for the open call via the google form above.

Applications are closed now. Residents will be announced by 20th April.

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