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Artist in Residence: SSYSTM x KAL

b. Artist self portrait, 2019. Photograp

About Heider / THe super system / ssystm

The Super System (SSYSTM) is a data driven multi-disciplinary outfit currently based in Singapore. Always on the forefront of pushing boundaries, SSYSTM emphasizes its creative intentions through experimental projects of art and design. Started off as a graffiti project, The Super System eventually evolved into an experimental platform. Projects came in the form of both tactile and digital, leading to an occasional fusion of both worlds. The Super System has taken part in both local and international events with the likes of London Science Festival (2014) and Singapore International Festival of Arts (2015).

About Kathy anne Lim

Kathy Anne Lim is a photographer based in Singapore. Her poetic documentary work focuses on themes of memory, technology and displacement - contents of which mix absolute certainty and misty ephemerality. She studied Visual Communication (Dip) at Temasek Polytechnic Singapore and Photography (BA Hons) at University of Arts London, upon graduation her work was featured in Aesthetica Magazine honed as one to watch. Her photographs have been exhibited and published in Singapore, North America, United Kingdom and Italy.

Together, Heider and Kathy are experimenting with new research methodologies to explore the possibility of reimagining the Bukit Timah landscape and ecology through time travel to the Triassic Era and citizen science. Utilizing materials excavated from archival deep dives and community contributions, the duo will present a revisualisation of the quarry through photogrammetry and 3D rendering.

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