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Watch Your Back (And Your Front): A Group Show


Annabel Lubega (UG)

Annabel is a Ugandan-Austrian artist that creates mixed media images and objects exploring a narrative of race and identity through confronting the artist’s struggle with feelings of overcompensation, shame, and acceptance. The motifs and characters allude to the influence of both her mother’s and father’s individual cultures, as well as the constant longing for “home”.

About ​Mocha

Crocheted across the duration of 2 months during her residency, the dreamy soft sculptures overhang the space like a baby mobile with imagery reminiscent of Annabel’s childhood in Uganda and Austria, as well as textures and colours inspired by her coming of age in Singapore. The series of drawings and murals are a collage of things and people important to Annabel.

Shannon Lim (SG)

Shannon Lim is a Singapore-based graphic designer currently running design practice, pre-post. His primary focus is on developing identities and publications for a range of clients. He has been featured in various international sites and publications such as AIGA’s Eye on Design and the International designers’ Network (IdN).

About ​HERE  HERE is a wayfinding system designed to navigate the nooks and crannies of the Jalan Besar Salon space and their 2018 programming. Almost like a game of hide and seek, the wall decals nudges the viewer to interact with the space in a more playful and unexpected way. A series of 3 risograph prints have also been made with the motifs used in the wayfinding system.

Ivan Tan (SG)

Ivan Tan is a writer-director from Singapore. Ivan spent the first seven years of his life living with his grandparents. At eight, he found out that they were not his real grandparents. This rupture in his childhood allowed him to understand how powerful stories can be in shaping one’s reality. Ivan’s early films constantly asked what family meant. Today, Ivan’s work examines contemporary Singaporean society through bizarre and absurd situations. He also likes Ozu, Teresa Teng, Chinese tea and cheeseburgers.

About Tadpoles


Tadpoles is a Singaporean short film directed by Ivan Tan and shot by Jon Keng about a day in the life of two families affected by the flooding of their apartment and how each of them cope with the problem and one another.

Tadpoles attended the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival, bringing home a jury price in 2013; a first by a Singaporean director at the first tier international film festival.

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