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Mukbang Symposium #1 | The Salon Edition

About Mukbang SYmposium

Memes, influencers, podcasting, YouTube channels, fake news, shitposting, reddit, and everything in between—what are we consuming in this digital age? And how does the consumption of knowledge and cultural products change with hyper-technology?

“Mukbang” emerged as a new trendy way of consuming media in the 2010s. It is a liveca
sting format in which the host eats while interacting with the audience. In Mukbang Symposium, we take “mukbang” into the context of a dinner party, where the host invites friends and other guests to eat and interact with each other. With the use of online platforms, all are invited, and the line between the audience and the guests are blurred as well as the line between the host and the guests.

Since the oldest time, eating and knowledge is always linked. The vicarious consumption mode of the Mukbang Symposium is an attempt to perform and investigate this new pattern of media consumption, and how it links to the consumption of knowledge. Like most dinner parties, the way guests (or audience) engage is completely unpredictable, we anticipate the reactions from the audience and guests with an open mind.


Mukbang Symposium is a 3-hour dinner party centred on attempting to establish a critical conversation, while broadcasting live with all its awkwardness unrehearsed and unedited. Be sure to tune in.In conjunction with The Salon—an exhibition gathering together independent art spaces—, this first edition has invited artists and curators as guests to discuss, disagree and hang about in front of a heady amount of food.
Mukbang Symposium is conceptualized by Winnie Li.

About Winnie Li

Winnie is an amateur researcher on refuse/exhaust , consumption/digestion, migration and multation. She curates and produces whenever there is an idea that she can't shake off, and passionately supports her friends.

Speaker Participants:

Tulika Ahuja
Marla Bendini
Weixin Chong
Melin Merrill
Kamiliah Maimon-Bahdar
Polina Korobova
Sonia Kwek
Norah Lea
Seelan Palay
Su Wong
Hoo Kuan Cien
Yun Teng Seet
Zou Zhao Xi Xi

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