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Our sponsors & collaborators

As with all independent initiatives, it takes a village. We would not have been able to provide the platform without a little help from our friends.


Emporium Of The Modern Man (EoMM) is a multi-label retail and lifestyle brand based in Singapore that explores the modern person’s lifestyle. It aims to be a retail platform for creative and original products sourced from all across the world, particularly from Asia. We seek quality products that show passion and ingenuity in its design, with distinctive characteristics backed by a strong sense of heritage and craftsmanship. EoMM also aims to inspire and collaborate with different brands and makers, acquainting people with good design values.

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Humid House Logo.png

This Humid House is a botanical design studio established in Singapore. Their intention is to develop a language for their tropical imaginarium composed of flora and foliage, from here and there; rampant, unconforming and fecund. A living vocabulary inspired by an endless summer. 

prepost logo.png

pre-post is a design practice based in Singapore focusing on the printed and digital means of communication, establishing a rational relationship between form and content. With equal consideration of context and objectives, they work towards developing intelligent, appropriate and effective forms of design.

Asiapac Logo.png

Chong Lingying is the manager of Asiapac Books Pte Ltd and its associate publisher. Established in 1983, the company publishes comics and illustrated books on a diverse range of subjects including Asian history, philosophy, culture, and classic literature.

Ethos Books Logo.png

Established in 1997, Ethos Books aims to create books that capture the spirit of a people and reflect the ethos of our changing times. As an independent publisher of literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry, Ethos gives a voice to emerging and exciting writers from diverse backgrounds to help foster an environment for the arts to thrive.

kki logo.png

Kki Sweets (est. 2009, Singapore) makes handcrafted confectioneries for hungry hipsters, young and old. Their goal is to put a smile on people's faces through craft, culture and community.

Gush Logo.png

Conceptualised and formulated by a passionate group of innovators from Singapore who have strongly believe in sustainable living and production methods, alleviating indoor air pollution and giving back to the community.

Basheer Logo Black.png

Basheer Graphic Books is a staple specialised bookstore in Singapore, with an extensive collection of design books and magazines related to Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Product Design, Fashion Design, Art & Craft, Typography, and Photography.

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